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10 Makeup Mistakes Brides Make : Grace and Glamour

11 Mar 2015

Wedding is the most anticipated day of a bride, where she takes all the pains to look the best. While this is achievable there are still endless things that a bride tends to think till she is out of the venue, heading towards her new home.

The Worries The Brides Have:
It is an important day for her, and she would not want anything that would make it imperfect in anyway. She has planned for this day for a very long time, and wants everything to be in order. Brides worry about the clothes they wear, the weather, the caterer, the wedding venue, but most of all the worry peaks when a pimple decides to show up on the face, or if the under eye circles decides to show more prominence on the face. It is a dreaded moment of every bride, not to look someone out of a fashion magazine.

Top 10 Makeup Mistakes Brides Make:
The memories of your wedding would remain through your pictures. It is important that while you are seeking to look your best, you have to make sure that you don’t end up looking like a total disaster.

1.. No Time For Experiments: While the model from the fashion magazine might be oozing the oomph factor, it is not necessary that you need to experiment the same look for your wedding. The flashes of the cameras, the lights at the venue are important to keep in mind while having your makeup done. Trying something new on the day of the wedding is a complete no-no. Trends, however luring they might be, it is important to be you more that someone from the magazine. Priya Kalra, an expert makeup artist can help you with keeping your makeup subtle, yet accentuating your looks to make you the most gorgeous bride ever.

2.. Pre-Bridal Trial Makeup: Not all brides are keen on having a test run at pre-bridal makeup. It always helps when you know what look can go well with your wedding outfit, and having a trial of makeup days before your wedding can give you time to experiment with makeup and figure out which one looks perfect on you. It is important that you consult a specialist in wedding makeup in Gurgaon, so that you can achieve the result you desire.

3.. Cakes Are For The Appetite, Not The Face: Cake means over application of layers and layers of foundation. The excessive cake layers would make you look more gothic than bridal. Also, avoid using the foundation with SPF, this also makes you look white in your pictures. Overdoing foundation and face compacts would make the face more rigid and make you uncomfortable too.

4.. Lipsticks: Lipsticks make an important statement. It is important that you choose a lipstick that will compliment your skin tone and also suit your wedding outfit. Brides tend to experiment with new shades that sometimes might just not look right. Making sure that you choose a matte shade will be better, because when you use a glossy lipstick, the flash of the camera might reflect off your lips in your pictures.

5.. Eye Makeup: Intense eyes are the “in” thing. Smokey eyes are popular among the brides these days, but it is important to blend right to get that perfect effect. Making sure that a cream base eye shadow is important.

6.. Cheeky Glow: Blush is important to bring out the warmth in your face. Applying it correctly is the key. Blush needs to be applied to the apple of your cheeks, than as a round blotch all over the cheek. It is important that a good makeup artist, with trained strokes make your makeup look perfect.

7.. Forgetting To Waterproof Your Makeup: Brides will cry; it’s something inevitable. One makeup disaster would be runny mascara and blotted eyeliner! It would scream “terrible makeup choice”! Using waterproof mascara and liner would be ideal and also making sure that a setting spray is used to avoid runny makeup is important. Priya Kalra owned makeup parlour makes sure that your makeup is well done, the colours all blended well, enhancing your features.

8.. Using Bronzers And Highlighters: Indian skin tone does not require a lot of bronzers. The skin tone is natural. Using excessive bronzers and highlighters and for that matter shimmers can ruin your appearance.

9.. Changing Skin Care Products: Most women are prone to a pimple here and there, and changing the daily skin care regimen a few days before the big day can make your skin worse. It is important therefore, that you do not make the mistake of changing products, because your skin might take a while to adjust and get used to the new products.

10.. Waxing And Threading Before Applying Skin Care Products: Skin gets very delicate after waxing or threading the face area. Some people can get a skin rash, or sometimes reddened areas. It is important that you get these things done at least a few days before the big day.

The big day should be your best day, a memory you relive through pictures. Be a blushing beautiful bride by making sure that you consult a good makeup artist, who specializes in  which one looks perfect on you. It is important that you consult a specialist in wedding makeup specially for the brides in Gurgaon.