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10 Reasons Why To Choose Grace and Glamour, Unisex Salon in Gurgaon

23 Feb 2015

Today everyone wants to look the most beautiful person on the planet. Our beauty has become such an important issue for us, hasn't it? Every woman wishes to make others jealous of her beauty. Why should not beauty be of utmost concern? After all, it makes us feel good and confident. That is the reason why most of us look for a place which has the definition of beauty similar to us but isn't it a cumbersome task to find such a perfect place when there are plenty of points that claim to beautify you. We know, it is a cumbersome task but you don't need to worry! We are here with the best beauty point, Grace and Glamour, along with the 10 reasons that will compel you to visit us.

  1. Best Studio For Bridal Makeup- Our experts know how special a wedding day is, for any woman. Every woman dreams of looking her best on her wedding day. Don't you want to look the prettiest amongst all the women around you? We understand that wish of yours and our experts give their best to bring the most beautiful out of you. Priya kalra, the best makeup artist in Gurgaon and her highly specialized team of L'Oreal professionals, give their best to add the tinge of beauty and perfection to your wedding day. We have the experienced team that has worked on every skin type and can beautify any bride to her best with the qualitative work.
  2. Pre-Bridal Makeup- There are varied skin types and every skin type isn't perfect for makeup, having its own requirements but that doesn't mean they can't look pretty. We provide you with pre-bridal makeup that prepares your skin for the final bridal makeup and adds beauty to your whole day.
  3. Engagement And Party Makeup- We know there are many occasions other than your wedding, which are equally important for such as your engagement function or your best friend's engagement. Aren't these the days when you want others to compliment you for your beauty? Trust us, our experts will give a kind of touch-up that will compel others to talk about you and your beauty.
  4. Airbrush Makeup- A newly revived technique of makeup, whereby makeup is done using an airbrush. It is highly recommended for bridal makeup and makeup done for HD shoots and best clarity photographic events. The makeup is quite faster and gives you the perfect radiant glow. The makeup is available only at few places and our makeup studio is one of them.
  5. Hair Treatment- After your skin beauty, another important tool that adds on to your style is hair. If you don't possess good hair, your beauty is incomplete. Knowing the hair problems that most of us possess, our Salon provides you with all sort of hair treatments, including spa and smoothening to give the perfect touch to your hair so that it complements your beauty on whole.
  6. Hair Straightening- When it comes to your hair styling, isn't straightening one of the most trendy style these days? Hair straightening makes your hair look perfect and gives you an amazing look. You might be feeling what is unique about this as hair straightening can be done anywhere but you might not know the number of chemicals that are used in it. This process requires number of chemicals and if those are not used according to the scalp and hair type, it can prove to be harmful to your hair. But once you enter our salon, you don't need to worry about it as our experts are very particular about the quality they use.
  7. Hair Coloring- Another quotient for hair styling is hair colouring. A perfect hair colour salon in gurgaon that could match up with your complexion is the ultimate beauty statement that you may think of. But again quality is something that needs to be taken care and our salon is again the best, when it comes to quality. It provides the serums and hair colours of best quality along with the suggestions that you should follow post hair colouring in order to have good healthy hair.
  8. Regular Beauty Packages- We believe every woman deserves to look her best even without any occasion. For such women who believe in the same statement, we have regular beauty packages to offer them. This package includes pedicure, manicure, facial, haircut, body massage, body polishing etc. In short, our parlour is the point for your complete, head to toe makeover.
  9. Its A Unisex Salon- Gone are the days when beauty treatments were limited to women. These days, both, men and women, desires to look their best. Some men desire to have good looks to complement their girlfriends and wives and some want good looks for themselves. For such men, our salon offers varied services which end up making them handsome dudes. Just to quote some examples, we have services like haircut, facials, body massage, spa, pedicure etc. Next time, if you wish to spend some relaxing time with your partner, visit us and enjoy our spa service together. Trust us, you will love the experience.
  10. Number Of Outlets- We don't want you to miss out on our services just because of distance. In order to bridge this distance, we have opened number of makeup studios all over Gurgaon. All are equally good in their services. Some of our outlets are present in Gurgaon sector 15, sector 31, and sector 56, Sushant Lok Gurgaon, South City-2 and Omax Plaza. We are glad to tell you that we have added one more outlet to our list which is in Sapphire mall, Opposite to Orchid Petals in Gurgaon. This means we are more approachable now and good news for us too as we can serve you more.
What are you waiting for? Aren't you excited to see the best side of yours? If yes, then book your appointment soon. We are waiting to bring the best out of you to surprise you and make others feel jealous of you in a very affordable price. Grace and Glamour, the best makeup and unisex salon in Gurgaon, is keenly waiting to serve you.