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4 Signs of Damaged Hair- How To Treat Them?

03 Jul 2017

Be it humidity, excessive use of heating appliances or high level of sulphate in your shampoos; there are several reasons that can make your hair dull and lifeless in no time. In such a scenario, it is important to notice and cure the first signs of damage before the problem becomes chronic. But, for that you need to understand what these signs and how they can be treated at a professional hair salon in Gurgaon like Grace and Glamour.

1. Lack of Moisture
Brittle or dry hair is a serious sign of hair damage. It occurs when your hair does not receive optimal amount of nourishment and hydration. To know whether your hair suffers from the same or not: take a few strands and run your finger along them. If your hair feels rough then you should immediately consider deep conditioning treatments from professional salon.

2. Split Ends
A split end is a damaged tip of hair that splits into multiple fragments. This happens because the ends of your hair are probably the oldest portion that grows porous over time. Which is why hair stylists often emphasize on the importance of oiling the ends (lower portion) of the hair?

3. Too Much Porous
High porosity is a condition in which the hair absorbs more chemical and moisture than healthy hair. Hence, use of toxic coloring chemicals and heating appliance without any heat protecting products can make the hair too porous. To avoid such complications, hair salon in Gurgaon always makes use of premium quality products that restore the healthy and shine of your hair.

4. Elasticity Loss
Your hair should be elastic, especially when wet. Lack of elasticity can make the strands prone to breakage, leading to other associated hair problems. A good practice to treat this is by opting for protein-rich conditioning treatment that will bring back the balance of moisture and elasticity.