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5 Benefits of Airbrush Makeup By Grace and Glamour

30 Mar 2015

Every bride wants to look gorgeous, stunning and different on her wedding day. While some choose to go for the usual bridal makeup package, others who are seeking a much more natural, flawless, long-lasting and soothing look can resort to air brush makeup and enhance their looks further. So, if you are soon to become a bride and seek a unique yet naturally beautiful look, then Gurgaon based Grace and Glamour makeup salon should be your first choice. The salon offers a host of beauty treatments and makeup packages including airbrush makeup for bridal.

Read on to find out 5 benefits of air brush makeup and why you should choose it over other bridal makeup packages.

Airbrush Makeup-What is it?
Before you achieve that wonderful natural look through airbrush method, you should know what airbrush makeup is all about. Simply put, airbrush makeup is a light-weight makeup that is applied with the help of an air gun based machine. This machine is used for spraying an even and thin makeup layer, which eventually imparts a very natural and soft look. The beautician first fills the gun with very little makeup and then sprays it evenly all over your face to give you a water-resistant and super matte finish. Why do you recommend airbrush makeup for brides?

Benefits of Airbrush Makeup:
1.. Natural and Lightweight: While other bridal makeup packages can give you a very heavy look, the airbrush method endows a very natural look. What’s even better is that it is lightweight. In order to apply this makeup, your beautician will first use a little bit of foundation all over your face. The whole process gives you a very flawless and stunning look.

2.. Lasts Long: What sets the airbrush method apart from others is the fact that it lasts really long. If maintained appropriately, the makeup can last for over twelve hours. Professional beauticians use water as well as transfer resistant airbrush makeup capable of withstanding sweat and tears. Those having birthmark, tattoos and pigmentation issues can also use the method to cover them neatly. Besides, once the wedding concludes brides can also wash the makeup off easily.

3.. Fast And Effective: Airbrush makeup for wedding is an ideal choice for brides to be. It can be applied quickly and blends beautifully with their skin. It is also an extremely effective and easy way to get the perfect radiant look that every bride craves for.

4.. Ideal For Photography: Almost every bride yearns for beautiful and glamorous wedding photographs that can be cherished for a lifetime. The airbrush method can get you beautiful photographs as it is perfect for HD film, television and photography. It is a great choice for women who don’t wish to adorn a very heavy look and desire attractive close-up photographs.

5.. Complements One And All: What makes this method truly unique is the fact that it complements one and all. Irrespective of the color of your skin and age, airbrush makeup is perfect for everyone. It can be blended beautifully to achieve a gentle, soothing and beautiful look. So, if you are all set for the wedding then get in touch with makeup and hair expert Priya Kalra of Grace and Glamour and make everyone go “Wow” about you on your most special day!!