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5 Reasons and Solutions For Dry Hair During Summer

15 May 2015

With the advent of summer season, people have to deal with a number of hair problems including frizzy, dry hair and oil prone or dry scalp. Additionally, people also have to bear with split ends, damaged, broken and tangled hair, which makes things all the more difficult for them. Given such a situation, one can consider replenishing the moisture and oil in the hair to keep it healthy, strong and shinning forever. This can be easily achieved through appropriate moisturizing and cleaning of hair. In fact, those who have to deal with excessively dry and damaged hair can consider visiting a professional hair salon in Gurgaon such as Grace and Glamour and acquire an appropriate hair treatment on a regular basis. Here, take a look at top 5 reasons of dry hair during summers and the appropriate solutions that can help you tackle your dry and unmanageable hair better.

1. Weather Conditions: One of the biggest culprits of dry hair during summers is the weather conditions itself. During summers, our hair gets overexposed under the direct rays of sun. Additionally, people who apply products containing alcohol on their hair, end up dehydrating their hair further. Consequently, you are left with dry and brittle hair, which has lost all its shine and glamour.

Solution: The best way to get rid of the above mentioned hair problem is to apply essential hair oils throughout the summer season. This will help you treat your hair naturally and make it lustrous and healthy. Some of the essential oils that you could consider applying include eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, sandalwood, jasmine, lemon and rosemary oils among others. In fact aromatherapy and essential oils will also prove useful for people suffering with hair loss problems.

2. Hair Smoothing Services and Treatment: Those who opt for hair smoothing services and treatments during summer season, end up leaving their hair dry and dehydrated. In fact, excessive hair smoothing treatment can result in protein buildup that can further result in brittle and difficult to manage hair.

Solution: It is always better to avoid frequent hair smoothing treatments. However, if you still need to smooth your hair during summer time then make sure you acquire a hair conditioning treatment at a unisex salon in Gurgaon such as Grace and Glamour at least once in a month. This will help you clean and moisturize your hair and keep it smooth and silky during summers.

3. Incorrect Shampoo: A number of people tend to use the wrong product on their hair, when it comes to washing it. As a result, they end up stripping their hair of necessary oils and leave it dry and dull, despite hair wash.

Solution: Before picking a shampoo, determine the quality and type of your hair. While those with dry hair should invest in a shampoo that replenishes moisture in their hair, people with oily hair should purchase shampoos that do not offer conditioning and moisturizing at all, as that will make their hair all the more oily. Similarly, those who color their hair should pick a shampoo that helps them keep their hair color intact.

4. Tying of Hair: During summers we often tie our hair tightly to avoid the hot and humid effect of the sun. This often results in breakage of hair, which makes it all the more dry and unmanageable.

Solution: It is best to tie a ponytail, which is loose enough to keep your hair in control and also ensure that it doesn’t get exposed under the sun.

5. Dry Scalp: Summer is one of the seasons when many people have to put up with dry scalp simply because their hair gets overexposed to the heat and UV rays of the sun. This further leads to dry hair problems.

Solution: Make sure you apply vitamin E rich oil to keep your scalp well nourished. You can always apply almond oil, coconut oil or other types of oils such as olive oil, sunflower seeds oil and even papaya to treat dry scalp. If required you can also use jojoba oil t keep your scalp naturally moisturized.