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5 Reasons Why Pre-Bridal Makeup Is Important For The Bride

16 Mar 2015

Pre-bridal services are taken up by every bride these days, where attention is paid to every little detail. Pre-bridal services include every pampering service from head to toe. Your choose to have a hair spa, that helps you take care of your long tresses, you make sure that you have the best facial and threading to eliminate every bit of hair from your face and bring out the best in you. You wax your arms and legs; make sure that you have the long pending manicure and pedicure. This regimen goes on for a few months, especially if the wedding has been fixed a few months ago.

Your pre-bridal services do not just end here. While all these things are important, a fact remains, most brides never pay attention to the makeup till the actual day. Makeup makes a lot of difference to your features, and how you look is the most important thing you should concentrate on. Not every type of makeup suits everyone. You do not want to end up messing up your big day by trying to experiment something new and ruining it all. Five reasons why pre-bridal makeup is important for the bride are:

1.. Your face gets all the pampering, but to get the glow of the bride, it is important to add proper tones and hints of foundation and concealer. Finding the right shade is important, you cannot just go with the one you have. Makeup also needs a lot of planning, just like the other pre-bridal services. So make sure you have a list of products ready that suits your skin.

2.. You will be the most photographed person on your wedding and you would not want to end up looking miserable, just because you did not use the proper shades. Blending your makeup is important. It is important not to overdo anything, especially the foundation. The lights can make your makeup runny, so make sure that you sort that out with your makeup artist.

3.. When you opt for a pre-bridal makeup session, it is important that you let your makeup artist understand what you need. This is a great time to experiment, and you can find out what kind of makeup suits you and what doesn’t. Smokey eyes, dark lipstick, contouring – these are the latest fads that are becoming very popular even with the brides. Trying the right blend of smokey eyes according to your wedding outfit, or the Kim Kardashian inspired contouring that can enhance the features of your face – the time to see if it works well with you and your face type, is during a pre-bridal makeup trial.

4.. Of course every bride wants to look unique. You just cannot go to the parlour on the big day and expect to look outstanding. You need several pre-bridal makeup appointments so that you can narrow down to the look that you want for your wedding. It is an easy task. All you need to do is be patient, and let the makeup artist bring out the best in you.

5.. The final word is always yours. It is what you like that will be the bride, sporting that look that you and your makeup artist have mastered in your trials. Getting ready for the big day can take quite a long time, but if you know what you want, it becomes a really easy task. Setting a pre-bridal makeup appointment important.

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