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5 Things To Consider Before You Color Your Hair

01 Apr 2015

A number of people find coloring their hair both fascinating and fashionable and there are many others who rely on hair color for covering their grey hair and revamp their looks. Whatever your reason for coloring your hair, you must also have money, time and patience to color your hair. Here, take a look at 5 things that you need to consider before coloring your hair.

  1. Go for a test drive: You read it right! To give your color that flashy, flawless and glossy look for a long-term basis, you must first opt for a hair color that fades with every wash. This is considered to be safer as it causes less damage to the hair and enhances your look. Besides, you will also get an idea regarding the shades that complement your skin tone and looks.
  2. Pick your color and shade: Hair coloring is all about complementing your skin complexion and hair. Depending upon your skin tone, you must either opt for a darker or lighter shade. Choosing a hair color that fails to establish a contrast between your complexion and hair will only make your features less visible. Experiment with dark shades if you are planning to revamp your looks and go for lighter shades if you have tried dark shades before.
  3. Unwashed hair is better: Whether you are planning to step into a saloon or color your hair on your own. It is always a good idea to not wash your hair beforehand. Experts suggest that coloring the hair after shampooing it can result in burnt scalp. Therefore, it is always better that you leave your hair unwashed and dirty. It is also recommended that you stay away from conditioning your hair after having colored your hair. It is best to wait for a couple of day and then give your hair the requisite deep conditioning treatment. Also, if your hair is completely damaged then deep conditioning it on a daily basis will do wonders for you.
  4. Opt for color-protective stuff: Before you opt for coloring, make sure you have spent enough money on buying the right color-protecting products including conditioner, serum and shampoo. According to hair color experts color-protection products are gentle on hair and contain the important fatty acids, which in turn help in avoiding stripping of hair color. Such products do not contain sulphates, which can lead to stripping of hair color. Also, it is recommended that you opt for salon based products that come with Ultra-Violet protection and ensures that your color does not fade quickly. Using a specialized hair sunscreen post coloring your hair will keep your hair healthy and shiny further.
  5. Damage controlling is crucial: It is always a good idea to apply a specialized shampoo used for clarifying hair as it helps in keeping the porosity of hair even and removes the effect of any other product that you may have used earlier. As a result, you get evenly colored, beautiful and shiny hair. Also, apply a good conditioner after coloring your hair to restore the moisture that you hair may have lost in the process of coloring.
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