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7 Reasons For Hair Falling

10 Aug 2015

Grace and Glamour presents you the 7 reasons behind hair fall and how to take care of it. Hair needs healthy blood flow and body energy. You must remember one thing; hair is a sign of good health. When you are losing hair it means you have some problem from inside too. This issue can be acute in near future and also leads to premature baldness. Thus before it’s too late you must know about the reasons so that you can prevent it from destroying one of the beautiful asset of a human body.

Here we will be talking about 7 common reasons behind hair breakage:
1. Using wrong hair etiquette: In this beautiful and extravagant world you need to match yourself with different styles and valor. Due to this you must be attracted with some of the styling accessories like mousse, gel, spray, color, heat, iron, highlights and excessive use of shampoo. All these generally offer you a beautiful look but after a considerable time it tends to show its real bad effects. But if you are using a perfect makeup artist who knows the products to be used for your hair and have good know how on the range of products that will be best suited for you can make you look beautiful without harming a follicle.

2. POCS or a disease condition: If you are having any internal diseases like ovarian cyst, hormonal imbalances, pancreatitis, thyroid and other liver diseases, hair fall is quite oblivious.  Even if you do excellent hair treatments from a top graded salon, if you are internally not strong then the roots become unhealthy and tends to shed. Experts suggest you to have anti oxidants and cure your body internally so that blood circulation remains steady and you get a healthy hair every time.

3. Anemia: Proper hemo-cal nutrient is mandatory for a perfect hair growth.  Iron folic and calcium treatment is also required. Whenever you are facing any drastic hair falling it is advisable to get a hemoglobin test done asap. If the level is low then you must visit a physician to get recommended about of iron dosage and beside it try to have iron rich foods like milk, figs, eggs, banana etc!

4. Labor and menopause: This is true during the labor and menopause women loose maxim amount of hair. This is because of heavy hormonal difference in your body leads to this malfunction. Some times it’s better to take early steps before it’s too late.  But after a few weeks of delivery it tends to go back in your normal shape.

5. Pollution: Pollution can make your life miserable. It generally loosens the hair roots and tends to break down. On the other hand if you do excessive shampoo then also your hair can go frizzy and rough. For this you need hair treatment by the experts like hair salon in Gurgaon. Spa, follicular treatments, deep nourishing done by professionals can help you prevent hair loss even in pollution.

6. Extreme weight loss and usage of high end medication: In some acute health conditions weight loss becomes mandatory which can lead to severe hair loss. Even stress can lead to excess hair fall. For this you need to have at least 3 lts or water, fruits, proper sleep and medication. Proper morning workout and yoga is also suggested but if you are busy enough to handle all these then its better call the experts for solution. Grace and Glamour, unisex salon in Gurgaon offers extensive treatments for any and every type of hair damage.

7. Acute medical conditions: Diabetes, cancer and other diseases which affect the blood level can protein damage which leads to heavy hair fall. Sometimes it can cause baldness. It can surely leads to an embossing position. In fact in these cases apart from proper medication and healthy stress relieving exercises you need spa sessions. L’Oreal spa sessions can help in re-growth.

What our Grace and Glamour can help you with hair growth:
1. We simply assure you with perfect follicular treatment which is best for your hair like spa, aromatherapy and deep nourishing treatments. We take at least 3 to 4 hrs so that the product gets emulsified in your hair which is very necessary for getting the desired outcome. This will help your hair to bounce back or if it is damaged severely.

2. Before treatment, we simply offer sessions which will be for evaluating the condition of your hair. Whether it is damaged with iron or too much coloring made it rough and fizzy.

3. We assure you that these treatments will offer you long lasting results that are visible.

4. We always use original and branded products that are necessary for your hair and will give you knowledge on how to maintain it. We do not offer too much massaging if you are experiencing severe hair fall otherwise it will loosen your roots much more than before.

5. To get a good lustrous hair you need to take minimum 6 spa sittings by the professionals. If you want to apply this in your home then you cannot get the right kind of effect which is indispensable for your split ends and fizzy hair. The damage that has been done cannot be repairable without the experts.

How to reach Grace and Glamour?
You can check out our website where you can get the details about the treatments offered by our experts. All the original products are being used to make all the treatments perfect and effective. We always suggest you to call us and book your session so that you do not miss out when you require it most. We have experts who generally use these products to give you treatments that are specially meant for you. With proper time and strokes you can get your original shine back on the roots.

At Grace and Glamour we welcome you with any condition and get the best treatment for your hair today before it’s too late. Hair is precious, so take of it!!