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A Handy Guide to Highlights in Salon

16 Jun 2017

Highlighted hair can show off the lines of hair cut, create depth, and the feel of completeness.

The most vital aspects of perfect highlight are the size, amount, position of the highlights. Here is a short guide to the process which is readily available in hair color salon in Gurgaon.

Techniques: The two most frequent methods used for highlighting are balayage (freehand painting), and foil.

Balayage means "to sweep," in French and it indicates sweeping the brush when applying bleach onto the hair. This process engages carving out swatches of hair and place in revolutions around the head. It is painted freehand, directly and covered with cellophane. Because the bleach is exposed to the air, it weakens quickly. So use high degree of lighteners. Besides the outcome is less systematic and more haphazard. Hence edgy looks like surfer-chic highlights are cool.

Foils makes weaving strands of hair and brushing a lightning agent on it prior to wrapping in foil. This technique keeps the product moist unlike the previous one. Different patterns can be fit with it which is based on partition of hair and worn structure. Usage of hair dye, oil bleaches, and many other gentle products are common. Symmetry,control is mandatory for foil.

Placement And Size: Placing of thickest and lightest parts must be around the frame of the face. The size and amount should decrease afterwards, heading to the crown.

The Lightness and Tone: The degree of lightness of the highlights is decided by the concentration and strength of the lightener and it's duration of application. Natural looks can be get by  more than 2/3 levels lighter than the base color and all must be from identical tonal category. For example, if the base is warm like blonde, the highlights must be warm too (buttery blonde). Choose your highlights according to your complexion and hair cut.