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Airbrush Makeup And Its Benefits

18 Feb 2015

Every woman wants to look her best, no matter what day or what occasion it is. But, there are certain occasions of which she dreams throughout her life, where she envisages herself to be the prettiest lady amongst all. We are sure all the women reading this out know very well the occasion we are talking about! Yes…you guessed it right. It is your day, your wedding day.

As soon as the conversation for the wedding day initiates, every girl thinks of the makeup she is going to apply and all related things. These days, Airbrush makeup is gaining immense popularity when it comes to makeup, especially for occasions with utmost importance like wedding day or may be some shoot or a ramp walk.

What This Airbrush Makeup
Airbrush makeup is a kind of technique that is done to apply makeup using an airbrush system or with the proper mixing cream. One can apply foundation, blush, eye shadow, and mascara using the system. The finishing that it provides is incredible. You just enjoy flawless beauty, a kind of beauty that you always wanted to experience. And having your desired beauty makes your day and occasion more special…doesn’t it?

Wondering How Does It Work? No Worries! We Will Tell You.
A couple of drops of liquid makeup are put in an airbrush gun which is attached with an air compressor. Then, the makeup is gently sprayed over your skin while using a tiny mist. This mist covers the skin very lightly and the purpose of covering the skin with the mist is to allow your skin to breath. It’s so light that you don’t get to feel as if you have actually applied makeup. This liquid mist lays on your face, giving out a smooth and flawless skin that protects you against irritation which makeup sometimes does. And once it dries its moisture and smudge free.

Most you might still be thinking over why you should choose it! We will tell you the reasons, knowing which you won’t be able to resist yourself from using it!

1..  Let us see the most important thing first- the comfort it gifts you! Yes, the airbrush makeup is very light in weight and gives you very natural look. The fine mist that is created allows you to use only a few drops of foundation for your whole face and at the same time, gives you the desired level of beauty. This gives you natural looking and flawless skin.

It’s long lasting! As we mentioned, its moisture and smudge free, even on the most tiresome day of yours. Wedding day is not an easy day and on such day, you can’t afford to look less beautiful at any moment. You need a sort of makeup that stays with you for the whole day and lucky you, you have airbrush makeup.

3. It is less time consuming! Priya Kalra, the best bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon, says that airbrush makeup is very fast and the best technique for bridal makeup. Airbrush doesn’t take much time to apply makeup on your face, when compared with other modes and gives you the radiant complexion.

4..  It makes you look even more beautiful in the photographs. Airbrush makeup is preferred for high definition film and photography sessions. It covers every mark or scar on your face and gives you the perfect glowing skin.

5..  Last thing! It suits everyone. This makeup kind looks amazing on every skin type across the ages and complexion and can be custom- blended for a perfect match.

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