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Beauty Consulting By Priya Kalra, Makeup Artist in Gurgaon

16 Jan 2015

A beauty consultant is a person who provides you with a suitable advice on how you could improve yourself inside and out. They are the ones who give you useful tips about what you should eat and what you should avoid – for instance, discarding food items which cause dryness or oiliness on your skin etc. These days’ females are looking for one to one beauty consulting services so as to help them gain self confidence in themselves by enhancing their physical appearance.

Priya kalra, is a trained makeup artist and cosmetologist, holding approximately about 16+ years of expertise in hair care and beauty industry. She is well versed with the techniques of corrective makeup and deals in offering one to one beauty consulting services as well to the customers in need. For instance, she would guide you as to what cut, colour, rebonding, nourishment and perming is good for your hair besides keeping in mind your hair safety as well. If you are also stuck with beauty issues, just seek an advice from Priya Kalra. You would be getting astonishingly promising results after consultation from her.

Several makeup artists run their salons in Gurgaon amongst which Priya Kalra stands outright due to her professional and customer centric attitude. Due to her uniqueness and perfection, she has earned this respect and demand. Besides specializing in one to one beauty consulting, she is also one of the best makeup artists in Gurgaon.