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Bridal Makeup in Gurgaon- Grace and Glamour

19 Jan 2015

Brides-to-be are often excited to look their charming best at their weddings and its quite obvious. Weddings happen once in a lifetime and hence, each bride deserves to look her best in every wedding function. Numerous beauty parlours across the state deal in offering bridal makeup to the girls but being a newbie you should know what all it includes:

  • Foundation: It forms the base of almost every makeup and hence, investing time in its selection is of utmost importance. The category of foundation strictly depends on the type and colour of skin. Since, we are talking about Indian brides, so the Indian skin tone must use a foundation that possesses a pinkish base. You could also go for a foundation having a brown tinge or burnt orange as well.
  • Eyes: Eye shadows in deeper colours like browns and plums need to be used on Indian skin tones as it enhances the eye appeal. Never forget mascara and always use a small brush to line the eyes.
  • Cheeks: Depending on your wedding outfit's colour, you need to apply colour on your cheeks. Use a darker shade of blusher just beneath the cheek bones, a light colour above the planes and a light pastel shade on apples of cheek.
  • Lips: Lip liners are good in case you wish to wear lipstick for longer time duration. Moreover, keeps the colour of lip liner matching with the lipstick.
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