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Bridal Makeup Parlour in Gurgaon

19 Dec 2014

Gone are the days when pre-bridal meant retorting to home remedies that included application of simple things like neem paste or turmeric paste for the extra glow. However, with raising awareness about fashion trends, bridal packages including attractive pre and post bridal services has become an essential aspect of any wedding.

Pre-bridal services at Grace and Glamour beauty parlour in Gurgaon

Every girl waits for the most awaited day of her life, her wedding day. Present day brides want to look their best on this D-day and don’t want the slightest of disapproval by any eye. The essential services that must be included in a bridal package offered by any professional beauty parlour in Gurgaon, like Grace and Glamour include:- 

Skin care:- The basic bridal package includes following skin care services:
Bleaching:- The professionals at this beauty parlour ensure using bleach that not only suits your skin type but also provides effective results in removing tanning.
Facial: - Priya Kalra ensures providing facials according to the skin type – normal, oily or dry – for a radiant skin.
Hair removal:- This includes threading and waxing. As regards waxing, it is your personal choice to opt for full body wax or just the legs and arms.
Pedicure-Manicure:- This beauty treatment aims at cleaning and massage of legs and arms followed by thorough cleansing.
Body massage:- A relaxing massage does away with all the stress ad tiredness of wedding preparations ad ceremonies.  
Hair care:- Hair care is equally important as skin care. For any kind of hair ailment, it   is imperative to go through required treatments a few months before the big day.
In addition to these pre-bridal services and makeup for various ceremonies, bridal packages at this makeup studio in Gurgaon also include services for post-wedding ceremonies.