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Family Beauty Retreat - Unisex Salon in Gurgaon

09 Apr 2015

Unisex parlours are slowly gaining a lot of popularity these days. Beauty parlours were initially limited to women alone, where there were different services that were offered in order to beautify a woman. Unlike the old times, men have now become extremely conscious of their experience and have started planning a monthly visit to the salon. While there are different salons for both men and women, there is a better and more convenient option available for both men and women to visit the salon that caters to both men and women. Grace and Glamour is one such parlors that caters to both men and women.

Why is Grace and Glamour Popular?
Grace and Glamour is popular because of efficient and well trained staff that provides with their expertise to both men and women. It is a one stop family beauty retreat where both the sexes of the family can enjoy pampering services by the cordial staff that are extremely good at what they do. The staff is well trained and can provide professional to both men and women, creating a friendly environment to both men and women. This is the reason why most people prefer going to a unisex salon so that they can get all the services under the same roof.

What Are The Services Available At Grace and Glamour?
Hair cutting and threading are a popular choice of services that both men and women get done on a regular basis. Apart from these usual services there are beauty and grooming packages that are available for both men and women. Different range of facials and skin therapy is also available for both men and women. Some couples like to indulge in spa therapies and massages together, and the Grace and Glamour salon is the perfect family beauty retreat that allows you to spend some relaxing quality time with your special someone.

Products Used At Grace and Glamour
The products used at Grace and Glamour are the best in the world of makeup and beauty. Quality is not a compromise when it comes to taking care of the customer’s at Grace and Glamour. You can be assured of a great time using the best products in the market. The creams and spa lotions used are top of the line, so you will not have to worry about getting treated with bad creams and lotions. There are several products exclusive to the type of services you have opted for, exclusive to both men and women.

Grace and Glamour - Unisex Yet Personal
Being a unisex parlour there is a lot of importance given to making treatments personal to many of the customers who are not comfortable being in the male presence or vice versa. Privacy is assured to all the clients. This feature also makes this unisex parlour one of the preferred unisex salons in Gurgaon.

Clean and Hygiene – The Essence Of Grace and Glamour
Hygiene is an important aspect of the parlour business, and being a unisex parlour a lot of importance is given to hygiene. A lot of attention is given to the area where different services are provided, utensils used are sterilized before the next use and all other accessories are available in plenty so that customers do not have to wait to be gowned for their services.