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Glam up Your Selfie Look with the Art of Contouring

05 Oct 2016

Do you know what the hottest buzz in makeup industry is? Facial contouring is the latest trend which is taking the world by storm. Mastering the art of contouring is not rocket science and if you are really interested to get the perfect sculpted look then here is the trick for you. So are you ready to transfer yourself into a diva?

Trace: Foundation is the most basic element which will do wonders for your skin. But you need to choose the shade wisely and pick the tone which suits your skin and accentuates it. Choose a darker stick foundation to begin marking your face. Accentuate your cheeks and forehead and make sure you mark the temples. Trace your nose with the stick and make it narrow up to the brows if you want to increase the length. It is really important to invest in a good makeup brush set f you are looking for the perfect look.

Blend: Blending is the key and make sure you use a damp beauty blender. Tap it over the contour colour and start merging it towards the base foundation. You can squeeze the blender and flatten it to get a better finish. Use circular motions to get a smoother look. Create an illuminating effect by using the lighter foundation beneath your eyes.

Dust: The final touch is to be done using a fluffy brush and add a nice translucent face powder to dust the entire face. This will bind the entire makeup and will result in a compact look.

See, it wasn’t that tough! For more info you can drop in at any of the Grace and Glamour salons.