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Golden Rules to Maintain Colored Hair and Keeping it Fabulous

22 May 2017

When it comes to having that ideal hair- you get to find much type of advices. Where the mothers suggest to oil the hair and stylist recommend hair spa at least once a month or deep conditioning treatments to rejuvenate hair from roots to ends. Before choosing any treatment, you have to adhere by the golden rules that are crucial to maintain colored hair.

Rule number one is to focus on hair-healthy diet. Because hair is one of the fastest growing cells of the body that requires ample amount of nutrition, primarily proteins and iron. If you don't consume the right portion of nutrients then the hair would become weak causing damage and hair fall.

Excess of trapped dust or debris with the scalp can lead to irritation and make it prone to dandruff. Therefore, the next rule is to clean the scalp using professional graded shampoo paired with suitable conditioners.

Often it is seen people stay away from the idea of shampooing for long until and unless their hair turns greasy, but it's good to shampoo twice a week so as to remove the traces of unwanted particles in the hair or scalp.

Focus on deep conditioning treatments frequently, as there is no alternative to nourished care. For this you can count on hair salon in Gurgaon that come up with an array of treatments designed according to the needs of your hair.

Follow the simple rules mentioned above and you will realize that managing colored hair was never this easy!