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Grace and Glamour: Hair Colour Salon in Gurgaon

22 Dec 2014

Hair coloring, streaking and highlighting makes you look more alluring than ever before. However, ruining your hair just to fulfill a style statement is not fair. Hair coloring is accompanied with certain damage hair as well. It is, therefore, suggested to visit a beauty parlor or salon to avoid the occurrence of any cataclysm.

Get Your Trendy Hair Makeover
This beauty salon, Grace and Glamour, professional salon in the city provides the best and trendiest hair makeover. The hair specialists hired for the purpose assure the clients with amazing changes to the hair without producing the slightest of side effects.

The Procedure
The key steps involved in the procedure for hair color are:

Selection of color
Being the initial and the most crucial decision, Priya Kalra herself selects the color to match your personality as well as be compatible to your complexion. Her experience, imagination and the expert vision are the key factors that drive her.

Testing for reactions
After the color has been selected, it is tested for allergies or reactions by applying on a small patch if skin. In case of positive allergic reactions, the use of color is stopped then and there only and another selection is pursued for the purpose.

Post color hair care
After having your hair colored, conditioning forms the most essential part of your hair care regime. It is recommended to use shampoos, gels, mousses, serums and oil formulated specifically for colored hair.

The friendly staff and use of products with high-end quality is what makes this salon the best choice for hair color salon in Gurgaon.