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Grace and Glamour: The Best Bridal Makeup Parlour in Gurgaon

16 Dec 2014

With the wedding day approaching nearer, there are numerous things that call for thoughtful consideration by a bride to look her best. Besides the usual beauty treatments like waxing, facial, threading, and body polishing, there are also certain specific treatments that need to be taken up for a flawless look.

Bridal Makeup Parlour in Gurgaon
The Grace and Glamour makeup and beauty parlour in Gurgaon is considered to be the best choice for bridal services and makeup in Gurgaon because of using the best quality cosmetic products in the market. At this makeup studio, trained makeup artists ensure highlighting the most beautiful features than creating an artificial look thus creating a camera perfect look.

Renowned cosmetologist and makeup artist Priya Kalra suggests visiting a makeup salon or parlour few months before your big day so as to treat skin and hair issues, if any, to achieve her dream look. At this professional parlour in Gurgaon, utmost care is taken to retain the natural radiance of your skin through the pre-bridal services.

The professionals at this growing makeup studio in Gurgaon make sure to treat your nagging skin problems in the best possible way through treatments and facials to suit your skin type. In addition to healthy glowing skin, it is also important to have healthy and shining hair. A perfectly glowing skin and shining hair are the key factors that can make you look even more stunning by adding the spice of charisma to your persona as a bride.

The bridal packages offered by this beauty parlour in Gurgaon also include effective hair treatments, like renew-c, power dose and similar more for extreme damage or dandruff, by trained and experienced hair experts.