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Grace and Glamour: The Best Choice for Engagement Makeup

18 Dec 2014

With a wide experience of over 16 years in the makeup industry, and after having worked with numerous popular models and actors for photo and video shoots, makeup artist Priya Kalra has now decided to show her talent through her professional makeup studio in Gurgaon, Grace and Glamour. This makeup artist has also gained fame for her proficiency in providing unique makeup for destination weddings as well. 

Why hire Grace and Glamour for Engagement Makeup?

This fast growing makeup and beauty parlour in Gurgaon has become one of the popular choices for bridal and engagement makeup in a very short time. It is believed that Indian brides look the best in their simplest form. This is the reason the makeup artists at this makeup parlour believe in providing makeup that looks absolutely natural and appears as if there is no makeup applied.

The highly professional and most talented team at this makeup salon in Gurgaon uses their skills to select the correct cosmetic products to suit your skin type and apply the perfect shades for eye shadow and blush to complement your outfit and jewelry thus providing a flawless appearance.

Nevertheless, it is the makeup and the coiffure that add to the charisma of the engagement girl. The use of lightest base available contrasting the conventional heavy foundations is what creates the natural, even and flawless look thus boosting all the style and elegance of your persona with the core aim of making you appear stunning through special makeup techniques, like Airbrush and Silicon makeup.