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Hair and Beauty : Priya Kalra

27 Feb 2015

In today’s time, men and women seek out perfection in the way they look. They make sure that they maintain a routine that will help them look flawless and their best. Gone are the times when beauty salons were limited to women only. Plenty of salons these days are now available for both men and women, providing professional expertise to both, under one roof. When looking for professional hair and makeup experts in Gurgaon, many of us have heard a lot about Priya Karla: the owner of Grace and Glamour, one of the finest unisex salons in Gurgaon.

Priya Karla
Priya Karla, best makeup artist at which caters to all types of professional beauty services to both men and women. She is a trained cosmetologist and make up expert who has incredible experience in the world of beauty and fashion, which has allowed her to form a strong base in the world of aura and beauty.

Grace and Glamour beauty salon is associated with L’Oreal Professional. Priya’s expertise in hair and beauty allows her to bring out the best in every woman. Make up being an essential for every woman, Priya makes sure that the stroke of her brushes creates wonders and enhances the beauty of every woman she has worked on. Your big day is made extra special, as Priya makes sure that blending of colors and setting your hair according to your face and personality makes your day even better.

The hair expert
Your hair is as important as your face, and getting expert advice and tips in enhancing the sheen and beauty of your hair is also important. Priya Karla not only makes sure that she provides you with a flawless face, but also provides with a variety of hair care tips, that would help enhance your features even more. Being associated with L’Oreal professionals, there is a wide range of hair care products that will help in taking good care of your hair, and also beautiful colours that will enhance your looks.

Ms. Karla – The Person
Her poise, her grace and her glamour are as outstanding as her salon. She stands out with her immaculate sense of dressing and the way she carries herself. Her poise and professionalism speaks volumes about her expertise in the field of fashion and beauty. Her customers are always made to feel welcome and her excellent brush strokes and flick of her scissors create exquisite outcomes. She makes sure that the customers are well looked after.
The beauty expert

She is the best beauty expert in Gurgaon. Providing professional hair and makeup services are not the only things she is expert in. she provides with professional advice and tips regarding beauty regimens, makeup tips to enhance your features, haircuts and styles that suit your face and personality, hair colouring do’s and don’ts, consults brides to be regarding various treatments that they can take so that they look extra special on the big day, one to one consultancy on pre-bridal and bridal packages and much more.

Grace and Glamour beauty salon is definitely the best stop for solutions to all your hair and beauty needs. With hair and beauty expert like Priya Karla, you know that you would be taken care of, and provided with the best services that will help enhance your features and also gaining some jealous looks from your contemporaries.  Get the grace and the glamour, the finest unisex salon in Gurgaon that provides you with great style and flawless looks.