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Hair Care Tips For Indian Summer

24 Apr 2015

Style comes with enigma and hair, the dark or blonde quotient that really makes you feel attracted by all. To retain this mystery forever, whether you are man, girl or a woman caring to its tip is very necessary. At some point of time you need to take extra care especially when it is month of hot and humid summer. Scorching heat and worthless humidity makes your hair sticky, fizzy and unmanageable. So it’s better to follow a regime for your hair directly prescribed by the experts like Grace and Glamour offering a flawless hair treatment in Gurgaon.

In summer usually your scalp becomes oily and sticky, in some cases the hair becomes oily otherwise it dries out totally. Before the damage is irreparable it is better to start with hair spa. This is a unique treatment but it is generally done by specialist and professionals. You can get in touch with a beauty salon in Gurgaon like Grace and Glamour where hair treatments are done by the industry professionals. Each one of us is trained and experienced for so many years. If you want to hold it to yourself then you can try out some home remedies like hair buttering which includes a paste of curd, egg yolk and 1 tsp fenugreek (methi). This helps to reduce dandruff and add shine to your hair.

We would suggest that after any hair pack it would be better to take a professional shampooing. This helps a total cleaning of your scalp, hair roots and the unmanaged portions. In fact the cleaning or rinsing of your hair should be very perfect otherwise the leftover of shampoos can accelerate more damage. Then it though needless to say about using an excellent conditioner, you can even message your scalp with it and after keeping it for 2 mins, cleaning your hair again would leave you with a soft and perfect hair.  

We at Grace and Glamour would always recommend you to wash your hair daily and properly. Cleaning the scalp is equally necessary like you do with other parts of your body. This helps in hair regeneration adding excellent quality of soothing shine to it. Being the best beauty salon in Gurgaon, we offer every client a unique therapy of hair which is best suitable to his/her hair. This makes us get good response from our over satisfied clients.

We at Grace and Glamour being a unisex salon in Gurgaon feel that both the gender must offer equal importance for hair. We consider the best hair follicular therapy for our clients so that they get the best out of our therapies. The feed backs of our clients proved that we have managed to deal with variety of hair problems like dandruff, fizzy hair, dull , colored hair, grey hair, no shine at all and even pre mature hair loss with successful results.

We love doing treatments and offer positive solutions given by our experts and professionals. We want that each one of you feel great about their hair style naturally.