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Hair Treatment At Home by Priya Kalra

08 Sep 2015

Experts always speak about the right kind of solution that a problem deserves. Priya Kalra, best makeup artist in Gurgaon and an expert will today tell you about some of the simple home remedies which are proven to be best for hair. In fact these are easily available and also highly effective.

1. Avocado Goodness: Take a ripe avocado and mix with an egg. Apply in your hair and keep it for sometime then rinse it off. The minerals and the protein of avocado and egg will offer you extra shine and bouncy hair.

2. Hair Buttering: It may sound little awkward but it helps a lot in reality. In fact it’s a best solution for a dry hair. Take some butter and then message it all over your hair and then rinse it off. You will feel the softness for sure.

3. Olive oil Therapy: If you want to use a perfect conditioner then it best to use olive oil. This is one of the best hairs conditioning oil that will keep your hair healthy and long lasting.

4. Coolness of Tea: Boil some tea leaves and then cool it perfectly. After shampoo just pour it thoroughly in your hair. This is a perfect conditioner for oily scalp as it keeps it refresh and healthy.

5. Apple Cider and Vinegar Mask: Whip some eggs and mix it with vinegar. Apply it in shampooed hair. This will help you get the best qualities of a proper mask.

Thanks for reading it; Priya Kalra, makeup artist in Gurgaon wishes you a happy hair always.