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Healthy Skin by Professional Makeup Parlour

07 Jan 2015

Looking beautiful and perfectly stunning are two different things. You can even look beautiful without having any makeup provided you have a nice and healthy skin, perfectly brushed hair and an overall good figure. On the other hand looking stunning and being party ready needs something extra.

This superfluous valor can only be added by a professional makeup parlour in gurgaon. Here they will apply all the steps which will nicely blend according to your skin. For example, if they start with the face then first they will apply a base which may be liquid or powdered or even stick. Depending on your complexion and the occasion the base will be applied accordingly, the bronzer and blusher.

Within your face, eyes are considered as a vital area. Thus like the aforementioned statement, depending on the occasion, the eyes are covered with color matching to the dress. Even the highlights can be silver, golden or bronze in nature. The mascara and the liner will bring on the last finishing touch.

Finally your lips! Either matt or glossy or normal gloss, deepening on your choice and eye makeup! It is always suggested that eye and lips should be contrasting that means if one is dark then another one should be little lighter.

If you want to follow these steps and go for a quick makeup before party, it may not be perfect but Grace and Glamour can help you to look glamorously stunning from every side. The secret is their experience and high skilled techniques. Come and be beautiful with GG.