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How important is a Wedding in India?

14 Jul 2017

As they all say, “Marriages are made in heaven”, there must be a grain of truth in it. This is the reason why the sages crane their necks to the sky in search of a suitable alignment of stars for the propitious moment or the “Shubh-Muhurat”. For the bride, it is a day of great significance and importance as she leaves the home where she grew up and goes to her husband’s. Wedding makeup salon in Gurgaon helps a bride to look her shining best in front of her in-laws and extended family.

Different Stages of a Typical Wedding in our Country

  • Engagement Ceremony: the bride and groom come together for this Pre-Wedding event to get formally betrothed.
  • Sangeet Ceremony: This is a day where the two families get together in an informal way, but dressed in their finest. They get to know one another and can relax with food and drinks.
  • Mandap Ceremony: held on the wedding day, all the rituals are performed.
  • Tilak ceremony: This can be held on any auspicious day, and the bridegroom, held in high regard by his in-laws receives a Tilak on his forehead from his would-be father in law.
  • Mehndi Ceremony: here, the bride is beautifully decorated with Mehendi patterns by experts.
  • Var-Mala Ceremony: This happens on the day of the wedding where the couple exchange garlands of flowers.
  • Reception Ceremony: This happens after the wedding, and is held by the groom’s family.
  • Vidai Ceremony: This is when the bride formally says goodbye to her ancestral home. Many a tear is shed on this day.
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