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How to Care For Your Skin at a Beauty Parlour in Gurgaon?

24 Mar 2017

Skin care is a vital part in the regimen of total body care and its importance stems from the old adage which says that beauty is only skin deep. If you’re looking for a beauty parlour in Gurgaon that offers a complete solution to your skin problems, I’ve prepared a checklist for you;

Know Your Type of Skin
It helps if you know what kind of composition your skin has; whether it’s flaky, rough, scaly, oily, and greasy and has a lot of pores. This helps the skincare specialist at the beauty parlour to draw up a treatment schedule suitable for you.

Facial Steps
At any reputed beauty parlour in Gurgaon, you’ll find that makeup is removed and then cleansing milk, lotions and gels are utilized to thoroughly cleanse the skin, going all the way to your neck and décolleté as well. After cleaning the skin, the aesthetician will take a final examination of the skin by touch and visual recordings and also ask you for your expectations from the facial.

Methods Used
After getting to know your skin needs, the aesthetician goes about her job by choosing the correct cream, mask or gel for peeling and exfoliation. It is followed by a steam treatment to coax out the impurities caught up in the pores of the skin. It is followed by extraction of blackheads with an extractor, a facial massage with massage oils and a clay mask to take off the extra sebum. This is followed by serum application and final touches as the beautician sees fit.