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How to maintain daily make up at home by Priya Kalra

09 Dec 2014

So you love to see yourself look beautiful everyday? And thus you love to apply make up everyday. But do you know all the techniques and regimen that you need to maintain and follow? No, do not worry when you have experts like Priya Kalra by your side.

Owner of the popular and respected beauty salon in Gurgaon, Grace and Glamour, Priya Kalra is here to share her expertise regarding how to maintain daily make up at home, just for you.

According to the expert daily make up means “Pleasant & neutral.Basic & unpretentious”. So if you are looking to have a simple, ordinary daily make up at home, look no further, here is the perfect guide for you by none other than Priya Kalra, the heart and soul of Grace and Glamour, Gurgaon:

Cleanse face: It is the first step that one ought to pick. Wipe off any earth, oil, contamination, and so on before applying any cosmetics. You would prefer not to cause a breakout or contamination At that point pat dry and apply a light facial lotion with SPF to ensure from sun's beams.

Apply your cream after your face is clean. This will help ensure and saturate your skin. It will likewise keep your skin from getting excessively slick amid the day.

Choose powder or Liquid foundation, whatever works better for you: This will help your skin look regular and will secure your skin from getting oily. In the event that you utilize a fluid foundation your next step is to apply a translucent powder to set it. For a matte look, utilize a powder puff with pressed powder, or only for a regular look, simply utilize a detached powder and apply it in a roundabout movement with a delicate powder brush

Eye makeup: Choose delicate shades. Apply base shade and after that the colours, highlight on corners or on eye line by utilizing fluid eyeliner or eye pencil. Use kohl at last to finish the look. Make a point to twist your lashes and include a few layers of mascara.

Keep the lips light by including a delicate lip gloss.