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How to Maintain Your Tresses?

31 Mar 2017

You may be busy concentrating on your skin during the summer but often neglect you tresses which are constantly exposed to the sun. The harsh rays if the sun can cause a lot of damage to your hair and you might not even realize it until the end.

The frizziness of the hair generally increases over the summer and becomes worst during the monsoons. It is highly recommended to apply hair serum liberally all over the hair before you go out. The hair serum should contain SPF as it will protect the hair from further damage.

Applying a moisture restoring mask weekly will save your hair from the damage and will return life to the tresses. You can make a DIY mask at home with ingredients from the kitchen. Take some fresh curd and add 2 teaspoons of honey with a bit of olive oil. This mask work wonders for your hair and helps to add shine.

If you are lazy to go for a DIY then you can walk into the hair spa in Gurgaon. The experts here know what is right for your hair and will help you in getting rid of the damage in few sessions. Your hair will be shining with life and moisture.

There are various treatments that are followed here and are done after proper diagnosis. You will be recommended to take up services that are good for your hair and result in better results.

If you have any specific hair problem, you can speak to the experts and let them address your problem.