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How to make your Makeup last longer?

10 May 2017

No matter how flawless your makeup might be, the scorching heat & humidity always swoops in and fades away that perfect work of art. Great news is that there are certain strategies that you can implement to make the beautiful makeup last longer and here are some of these full-proof tips.

The cleaner the canvas the better will be the picture. The same goes in case of makeup as well. Products blend like magic on a clean, nourished and vibrant skin compared to dull or dry ones. The remedy is to prepare the skin with suitable cleansers and moisturizers before going to makeup salon in Gurgaon that will allow the makeup to do its work.

For example, if you have a stretchy skin that forms dry patches then hydrate it using emulsions a night before, so that next day you wake up with soft and supple feel. This allows the products to glide in smoothly, providing an uniform finish that does not melt that easy.

Besides prepping the skin, lock the final look with the help of makeup setting spray. This immediately removes the unwanted oil and gives a good matte look that lasts for hours. Moreover, it allows the makeup particles to settle down; providing a natural touch in no time.

And the last most important tip is to resist the urge of touching your face. The oils in the hands might transfer to the skin and will budge the makeup. Other than that, the germs present in them can make the skin prone to breakouts.