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How to Prevent Your Hair Color from Fading: Things to Consider!

16 May 2017

There cannot be anything better than enriching your hair with trendy shades of color from the salon to get a rich, vibrant and charismatic look. But, there is one huge problem- how are you going to make the hair color last?

Well, there are few things that you can do to grab the best of your hair coloring salon experience and these are:

Prep Your Hair for the Color
Salon experts emphasize on pre-coloring care or the pre-prep step which involves taking care of the hair so that each and every strand can hold the color. For this you have to work on a healthy hair regime, where the focus would be not to dry or damage the cuticles. A good practice is to follow this regime at least a week before the appointment at hair color salon in Gurgaon.

Key elements of this regime are:

  • Avoid using hot appliances often
  • Go with deep conditioning treatments
  • Trim the split-ends (they are drier than mid-shaft of the hair)
Count on Professional Hair Rejuvenating Treatments
No matter how good the quality of color might be, it does require proper maintenance and care so as to be at its best. This can be achieved with the help of professional hair rejuvenating treatment options provided by hair color salon in Gurgaon. These treatments are based on the type, porosity and density of the hair that not only prevent color from fading but at the same time ensure that the strands remain healthy and vibrant.