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Importance Of Pre-Bridal Makeup For A Bride

12 Mar 2015

Every girl dreams of being a bride. There is a lot of thought and consideration that goes on in her mind, especially when the big day is nearing. She constantly thinks about what the arrangements would be like, how things will go on; her perfect day should be perfect in every way. A lot of emphasis should be laid upon the pre-bridal makeup for a bride because she should not end up looking all caked up. A lot can be ruined when you don’t have a perfect makeup, because your wedding would be the one day where you would be photographed the most, and your make up should look excellent with all the lights and the flashes. Wedding makeup should be excellent, where a good makeup artist can provide a great touch to your looks and make you outstanding.

It is important that you visit a good beauty and makeup parlour that will fulfill your pre-bridal needs. Just like it is important to get all the pre-bridal services done, it is also important that you get your look right for your big day. A pre-bridal makeup trial allows you to experiment with different looks so that you have options to decide which one would suit you the best.

There should be a simple checklist that every pre-bridal makeup bride should have, so that she can narrow down on the products she would want to use for her big day.  The checklist should include all the items that a bride can include during her makeup. The lipstick shades should be similar to the brides wedding outfit. Red being the preferred colour of wedding outfits does not necessarily suit everyone, and instead of experimenting with your look on the big day, you can have a pre-bridal makeup trial that would help you to narrow down your shade of lipstick.

Your eyes need a lot of makeup too, something that is waterproof! The same goes with mascara as well. In fact you should make sure that all the makeup is waterproof and set perfectly with a setting spray so that it does not run. Your choice of foundation and concealer play an important part in your makeup trial as well, because when you become a bride you don’t want to be all caked up in extra layers of foundation. Instead you should make sure that your foundation makes your skin flawless. It is best to stay neutral than to overdo it. Your trial should not just be a trial, but it should help you a great deal in knowing if your makeup would last as long as required, by using all the products necessary – from the foundation to the setting spray- and will be where it is supposed to be.

An excellent artist talks to the bride, to understand what kind of makeup the bride wants for her wedding.  With her well trained strokes, a good makeup artist recreates a look for the bride. It is important that you choose a first-class beauty and makeup parlour that provides you with the best pre-bridal services. Grace and Glamour provides you with the best pre-bridal care and makeup services that you can find in Gurgaon. You can check out the makeup studios of Grace and Glamour in Gurgaon at various locations like Sushant Lok, Sohna Road, Sector-15, Sector-56, South City-2, Sectro-31 and The Sapphire Mall.