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Latest Makeup Technologies to Bring out the Beautiful You!

28 Oct 2015

Airbrush makeup is the latest technique which has minimized the use of conventional brushes and sponges. It is a make-up which is applied to perfection by using a spray gun. It can be water based, polymer water based, polymer SD 40 alcohol based, alcohol based or silicone based make up. It depends upon the make-up artist which kind of air brush make-up he chose to do on your skin type and face cut. Air brush make up is all you need to get that flawless skin and amazing photographs in the party. The best part of this air brush make-up is that it is a very light weight make-up and lasts for 18 to 20 hours. It is an ideal make-up technique for weddings. People of all age groups can get air brush make-up done.

Another revolutionary bridal makeup technique is HD makeup. When every other thing in the world is getting high definition, then why not the make-up of the special lady on the special day? HD makeup will definitely transform you in to a dream girl with its immaculate finish and glamour quotient.

Pre-Bridal Treatments!
It is rightly said by someone that Rome was not built on one day. In the same way you will not get that diva look just by applying professional make-up on the D day. Professionals at Grace and Glamour believe that pre bridal care and treatments is as important as the final touch on the day of the wedding. Your skin and hair should have that glow and nourishment which can be enhanced by the make-up. There are many pre bridal treatments which will bring out the inner glow of your skin and nourish your hairs to prepare you for the most special day of your life.

Full body polishing is very important treatment which is taken by every to be bride. It is a treatment done to scrub of the dull and dead skin on your body and bring out new, rejuvenated glowing skin. Waxing, scrubbing, massaging and other such process take out everything which is dull and dead on the skin and leave you with a shiny skin which is soft and supple. Full body massage with mineral oils, aromatic crèmes and similar products not only improve your skin quality but also helps you to reduce stress. It relaxes your muscles and cools down your nerves so that you look fresh as lily when you actually become a bride. De tan crèmes and special organic scrubs will scrub of the tanning from your body and bring out the original complexion of your skin. People will definitely meet the new you on your wedding day.

Pamper your hands and legs with a pedicure and manicure. In a good pedicure or manicure professionals takes out dry skin, cleans the hands and the legs thoroughly and gives good shape and colour to the nails. A massage in the end of the pedicure will definitely relax you to the core.

Don’t Forget Your Hairs!
Hair is one of the most important features which will actually decide your look in the end. Whether you are getting ready for you engagement, wedding or just a party, hair plays a crucial role in the make-up for all occasions. Techniques like rebonding, perming, hair pressing etc. can give a new transformed look to you. Professionals can carve that perfect look for you by creating a hair style that suits you the best. Don’t forget to get your hair nourished with high quality hair spas available at the salon.