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Makeup decisions that should be taken way ahead of your wedding!

08 Aug 2017

Wedding is one of the most special days of any person’s life. Both bride and groom wish to look their best not only to create fondness for each other but also to create memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. Bad makeup, dress or hair in a wedding picture will seldom be viewed or cherished by you in future. Many experts of bridal makeup in Gurgaon suggests that there are few decisions that should be taken by the bride way ahead of the wedding in order to avoid any last moment panic and chaos.

Some of them have been discussed below:

  • Whether you will hire a professional or DIY: this is the first and the foremost thing that should be considered. Though most of the brides in the present times prefer hiring a professional makeup artists rather than doing their wedding makeup all by themselves, still if you wish to do it yourself you should not only decide in advance but start practising and sharpening your skills in advance only.
  • You want an airbrush or hand brush makeup: Airbrush is one of the latest techniques which has been used widely in bridal makeup. It is light weight, water proof and creates a natural look by efficiently hiding the flaws of the skin. On the contrary perfection of hand brush completely depends on the skills of the makeup artist. You should choose between the two well in advance and take ample trial sessions.
  • Use of products: things like matt v/s illuminated foundations or use of bold colours or subtle pastel colours, colour coordination with your bridal dress, matt or glitter eyes etc. are some features of your makeup about which both you and your makeup artist should be very clear.