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Makeup Salon in Gurgaon - Grace and Glamour

03 Feb 2015

Isn’t it a dream of most of the women to look beautiful? It is indeed, isn’t it? But there are certain occasions when they don’t want to be ordinarily beautiful, they want to be the most beautiful and these occasions could be their marriage or their best friend’s marriage or may be a ramp walk. On such occasions, every woman hunts for a place which can completely understand their need and definition of beauty. Simplifying your job, here we come with the details of the best makeup salon in Gurgaon, Grace and Glamour by Priya Kalra.

This makeup salon in Gurgaon is known for providing best of services in an affordable price and known for its highly professional and experienced staff. They are known for their striving staff that works for the best of its clients and gives them the output its clients aspire for. Having a 16 years of experience It has been timely proved that they have never disappointed their clients on their most special occasions and have only made their moments more memorable.

Few of the services provided by our salon
Makeup being the forte of Grace and Glamour, the parlour offers the diverse range of makeups. Below is given the list that makes you the most gorgeous lady among the crowd.

  • Make up for the brides- Future brides please pay attention. This should be the most important place for your most special day. Here experts understand what is best for you to bring the best out of you and this you need.
  • Regular makeup options- Be it your normal family gathering or a normal photo session at your office, Grace and Glamour knows how to make you the prettiest cum natural among the crowd.
  • Best friend’s marriage or family reception- these L'Oreal professionals at this makeup studio in Gurgaon has the perfect idea of how to give you the perfect touch up for any occasions.
Experience the professionalism of beauty in any of our outlets in Gurgaon and share the same with your friends and relatives.