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Nail Art Studio is the Ultimate Destination to Trendy Designs and Ideas

23 May 2017

Are you longing for a creative nail art inspiration? Get ready for a trendy manicure magic with the finest range of styles and designs offered by nail art studio in Gurgaon. Personalized for women of every age, the magnificent options are nothing less than a work of art, and that is what makes nail art studios so popular!

Know Timeless Nail Art Designs
Designs go come and go, however there are certain classic ones that still remain to be favorite amongst many, and here we reveal what are those typical styles and how do studios specialize to offer the best of them.

Marble Love
This particular design is inspired from natural marble effect, where one or multiple colors coincide with each other to create amazing hues. For instance, you can take your love for the white nail paint to the next level by combining it with grey hues, and these two can be synchronized to have the same appeal as you see on a natural marble stone.

Rainbow Crush
Who doesn't love to be little miss sunshine? Well, that is the concept that revolves around the rainbow crush styles. In this the colors of rainbow are amalgamated in one fine piece to make your nails match up with the beauty of season.

World of Nature
Nature is indeed an inspiring element that has given birth to innumerable designs; right from floral motifs, zebra stripes, tiger touch and many more- the list is almost endless. You can witness all this and much more at the nail art studio in Gurgaon.