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Pamper Your Feet with Pedicure and Foot Massage

11 Jun 2015

There’s nothing like pampering your feet. On one hand, foot massage allows you to take care of your feet and keep it neat and clean and on the other hand, it also imparts a rejuvenating and relaxed feeling. Depending upon your requirement, you can opt for different types of foot massage and pedicure treatments and acquire soft, smooth and tidy feet. Here, find out more about how you can pamper your feet with pedicure and foot massage therapies at leading beauty salons in Gurgaon such as Grace and Glamour.

What Are Pedicure and Foot Massage Therapies All About

Pedicure and foot massage therapies are essentially a therapeutic solution for taking care of your feet. The treatment allows you to get rid of dead ski and treats and shapes the nails of your toes. In fact pedicure also softens your feet, leaving it absolutely beautiful. Based on the type of massage and polish, you opt for pedicure and foot massage treatments can give your feet a complete makeover.

Why Grace and Glamour?

Regular pedicures and foot massages will allow you to keep foot problems at bay. This way you can avoid foot treatments. Additionally, a pedicure treatment will also soften, smoothen and nourish the skin of your feet, leaving it well pampered. Leading beauty salons such as Grace and Glamour offer comprehensive pedicure and foot massage services to its customers. Their pedicure specialists will first offer a complete food spa or bath and then concentrate on massaging your feet. To begin with, they will soak your feet in the warm water and then cleanse your feet properly to get rid of dirt and dead skin. Their foot massage specialists will also exfoliate and rub the skin off with minerals and salts. In fact the pedicurist at the salon will get rid of the cuticles and cut as well as give proper shape to your toenails.

Once your feet have been thoroughly cleansed, the foot massage expert will use a wide variety of oils and creams to give them a proper massage. This will soften and refresh the skin and provide you with an absolutely relaxed and comfortable feeling. Right from using hot stones to wraps, mud and foot massage creams, the foot massage professionals at the salon have all the requisite resources for offering a full-fledged foot massage and pedicure treatment. At the end of the session, they will apply nail polish on your toes to ensure that your feet look beautiful and fascinating.

Different Types of Pedicures

Typically, the pedicure session at the salon lasts for about thirty or more minutes, depending upon the type of pedicure and foot massage service you opt for. Based on your preference, you can opt for different types of pedicure treatments such as French pedicure, wax pedicure, herbal pedicure and gel based pedicure. During each of these pedicure treatments, the pedicurist will focus on offering a complete foot massage and also whiten the tip of your toenails. The treatment will conclude with the application of nail varnish.

To sum up, if you want to pamper your feet and look after them really well then opt for foot massage and pedicure treatment on a regular basis. This will help you avoid fungal and foot infections and also provide your feet with a much-desired fascinating look.