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Pre-Bridal Makeup Requisites - Visit The Best Beauty Salon in Gurgaon

21 Apr 2015

You want to be treated no less than a queen on the day of your wedding and why not? After all, it’s one of your most special days, one that you will cherish forever. However, in order to get the desired treatment, it is extremely important that you look beautiful on your wedding day. Simply put, you need to follow a regular skin, hair and beauty care regime to eventually get that perfect looking skin, hair and body on your marriage day. Here, take a look at all the pre-bridal requisites for which you must frequent a beauty salon.

Pre-bridal Requirements-What to do and What Not to do
While you can always clean, wash and scrub your skin yourself on a daily basis, doing it the professional way, isn’t really possible.

This is precisely why you must visit the best beauty salon such as Grace and Glamour in Gurgaon. The professional hair stylists and beauty experts at a reputed salon will make an extra effort to understand the specific requirements of your body, hair and skin and provide you with the most appropriate pre-bridal package. Remember, there are hundreds and thousands of beauty salons that operate out of Gurgaon, however, you must be careful enough to choose professional salons like Grace and Glamour, if you intend to look stunning on your special day.

Pre-Bridal Package-What is it about?
In case you are wondering what your pre-bridal package will be all about, then you must know that it will cover all the aspects of your body, skin and hair and help you enhance your overall personality, look and feel further. Typically, the services that will be covered in your pre-bridal package include:

1. Body and Bikini Waxing: A soon to be bride should have smooth and soft looking hand, legs and body, which can be easily achieved through waxing. You must opt for waxing a week before the day of your marriage. Get your back, neckline and tummy waxed properly. Also, bikini wax is a complete must, especially because you will be having some very personal moments with your spouse post marriage.

2. Facials: For obvious reasons, you would want to have that perfect, glowing, smooth and gorgeous looking skin on your wedding day. It is advised that you get you opt for regular facials for a minimum of 6 months prior to your wedding. Depending upon your skin tone and type, you can opt for numerous facials, including gold facial, fruit facial and pearl facial among others.

3. Get Your Body Polished: Body polishing will help you exfoliate your skin through the process of scrubbing as well as hydrating. This will give you the desired beautiful skin tone and look on your wedding day.

4. Pedicure & Manicure is a Must: A month before your wedding get regular pedicure and manicure done with the help of expert salon professionals. Remember, at the wedding party almost all eyes will be on you and you cannot afford to have ugly looking hands and feet under any circumstances.  

5. Eyebrow Threading: Threading is an absolute necessity, simply because it has a direct relation with your face. So, remember to shape and thread your eyebrows regularly as you will be part of numerous pre-bridal events such as Mehandi, Shagan and ladies sangeet among others.

6. Hair Spa and Color: Your face and body are important but don’t ignore the prominence of your hair as well. Whether you are suffering with grey hair problem or not, get your hair nicely colored to get the stylish look on your wedding day. Also, opt for frequent hair spas to keep your hair healthy, shiny and soft.