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Primary Causes of Dandruff: Grace and Glamour

10 Apr 2017

Dandruff can be a huge problem and if not cured in time it can get worse. Most of the people these days suffer from dandruff and it gets really disturbing. There are various forms of dandruff and each has its own reasons associated with it. It can be either flaky or sticky and causes a lot of irritation on the scalp.

Often it is seen that prolonged dandruff causes rashes and redness on the scalp which becomes painful. The commercial anti-dandruff shampoos might remove them apparently but it is important to find out the root cause in order to eliminate it completely. A scalp test helps to identify the scalp texture and condition and the reason behind recurring dandruff.

Diet can also play an important role along with health conditions. Hormonal imbalance and PCOS is heavily associated with dandruff and it is highly recommended to visit a dermatologist along with a concerned endocrinologist in this regard.

Apart from health issues, pollution and lifestyle, stress are important factors behind the presence of dandruff. A spa can be really helpful in order to eliminate dandruff from the scalp and provide proper nutrition to the scalp. The hair spa salon in Gurgaon has been working on various hair problems and has been successful in eliminating different hair woes.

The experts offer proper hair treatments based on the problems and after few sessions, your problems will definitely reduce. All you need to do is be consistent and maintain a healthy lifestyle while your treatments are in progress.