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Professional Makeup Artist Priya Kalra Can Transform Your Looks and Personality

02 Jun 2015

Makeup is all about highlighting the strong features and concealing the flaws of your skin. Therefore, when it comes to choosing an expert and professional makeup artist, make sure you pick one who understands your beauty and personality requirements and offers impeccable makeup, depending upon the occasion you may be planning to attend. Thus, if you have an important function, which you must attend and need to look exceptionally beautiful and stunning during the party, then seek the expert services of professional and extremely talented beauty expert Priya Kalra. Here, find out why you must seek her expert guidance and beauty services for every important function and get together.

Professional experience: Priya Kalra has acquired appropriate training in cosmetology, which enables her to better understand different skin types, structures and an individual’s make up requirements. With over sixteen years of experience in the fashion and makeup industry, Kalra has a deep understanding and knowledge regarding the techniques and styles used for applying makeup. Those looking for a different yet enigmatic look and hairdo can seek her exceptional beauty services and guidance every time they intend need to attend an important family or social function/party.

Expert Makeup Application Skills: Kalra has natural talent for using multiple make up techniques and skills, which allows her to enhance your looks, hair and overall personality. She is accustomed to using a wide variety of makeup application techniques that helps her transform your ordinary looking face into an extraordinary one.  She can add character to common looking faces and recreate different styles in accordance with the requirements of the occasion. 

Different Looks: Whether you desire the smoky look or glossy effect or even if you want to put on simple yet elegant makeup, Kalra can help you achieve a much-desired look and feel in no time. What differentiates her from other makeup artists in the industry is her sheer talent and eye for perfectionism. She is capable of blending different colours and shades to provide you with beautiful and enigmatic looking eyes. Kalra can accentuate your facial features and provide you with the much sought-after stunning looks. 

Makeup with a Difference: She strongly believes in the fact that makeup is all about highlighting the facial features to give the subject a pleasing and appealing look. Kalra affirms that using heavy shades and colours isn’t the key to applying good makeup. Instead, the focus should be on grooming the client in a manner that leaves them looking magnificent and glamorous, both at the same time. Equipped with appropriate tools and makeup products, Kalra who is also the owner of Gurgaon based Grace and Glamour salon can provide clients with unimaginable makeup and beauty services. She has adequate knowledge regarding shape of face, color analysis and theory and is also adept at camouflaging and covering up techniques. 

Planning and Preparation: Kalra understands that every client has different requirements, which is why she places a great deal of importance on planning and preparation. She first insists on acquiring inputs from the clients and then briefs them regarding the type of makeup, products and services she would be offering in her bid to transform their entire looks. Whether you desire makeup for a special photo shoot or even if you want to opt for a simple touch up, Kalra can assess you specific requirements and work on your eyes, nose, cheeks and overall face to provide you with a highly fashionable and trendy looks. She is fond of experimenting with colours and styles and is perfectly capable of enhancing your natural beauty and personality like never before.

In a nutshell, if you are searching for a highly professional, skilled and experienced makeup artist, then Grace and Glamour’s Priya Kalra is definitely the right choice.