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Reasons: Why Wedding Makeup in Gurgaon is on the Rise?

22 Mar 2017

Importance of Indian Weddings
A wedding day is a day and occasion to cherish for the bride and her relatives, it is a day blessed by the gods for the union t take place, and as we know, Indians place a great deal of importance on auspicious dates and the best possible arrangements for all concerned to make the ceremony proceed smoothly. No bride is ever complete unless she has taken efforts to look her best, not just for herself and the pictures, but also to honour the groom and his family.

Where to Look
Some of the best wedding makeup in Gurgaon is done by professionally trained makeup artists whom you have to book in advance for dates, such is their busy schedule. You can be pretty sure that they will not force their opinions on you, but give you suggestions based on experience so that you can get the best possible look that will also fit your budget.

Common Practices Followed
For wedding makeup in Gurgaon, all makeup is removed with cleansers and face sponges. It is followed by an examination of the skin type to see what kind of foundation would bring out the radiance in you. After the application of foundation, highlighting of the cheekbones as well as defining the jaw line is done with a practiced hand. It is followed by eye makeup, which can be done in endless ways; glitter is in fashion by the way. Final touches are given, including a mock photo shoot to see how the pictures turn up.