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Renowned Makeup Destination in Gurgaon: Grace and Glamour

04 Dec 2015

When it comes to weddings every woman wants to look good and makes sure that they choose the best make up professional among the lot. But for some reason women find it difficult to choose a good makeup artist as everyone considers themselves to be a professional nowadays. Unable to decide between the good and the bad they occasionally end up choosing the wrong one which eventually becomes a nightmare for them during their wedding. It won’t be a crime to admit that nowadays women do not like to wear heavy makeup and prefers the no makeup face, so basically most of the time they depend on their own skills to look good. But when it comes to bridal makeup it is something entirely different from normal make up.

For those who are looking for a professional makeup expert for them and their family Grace and Glamour would be the perfect solution for them. Here’s why –

1. Weddings are not only about the outfit and the jewellery. The limitations of making ourselves stand out from the crowd have gone beyond choosing a designer outfit or beautiful jewellery. In order to look extraordinary during a wedding a women must use the appropriate amount of makeup with their Bridal wear and jewellery. The makeup should always match our dress and outfit and complement each other perfectly. Grace and Glamour with their combination of artistry and Products does an excellent job to compliment your bridal wear and helps you to stand out from the crowd.

2. Artists here have an eye for the art. They use the latest tools and knowledge and try to use the exact colour and techniques to make you look perfect on your special day. Grace and Glamour uses only professional artists for your makeup treatment and never negotiates with their ability.

3. Most of the time our skins have plenty of flaws which needs to be covered up. The secret lies in using the right technique to do it. A makeup artist should know exactly what kind of makeup should they use to beautify your flaws. They should also know how to analyze the face structure, skin tone to use the right kind of products and treatment. Grace and Glamour is skilled with such professionalism to use the right technique.

4. Weddings involve other events also such as mehendi, sangeet, receptions, party and many more other events. Apart from the bride there are also other family members who might want to get their makeup done by an artist. The skin tone and face structure of each of these people vary from one another which might need different treatment. Each one of these events requires different kind of makeup techniques also. Grace and Glamour is skilled with such experience to make you look different and great on each and day.

5. When it comes to look extraordinary we must never forget about our hair. In order to look great during weddings it is important to treat our hair properly. A great way to look entirely different on a wedding is to choose a good hair stylist. It makes you look neat and clean and also makes you look glamorous. Hiring professionals from Grace and Glamour will also offer you hairstylists who make you look extraordinary with new hairstyles along with your make up.

6. Before hiring an artist you must ask your professionals about their previous work experience. An amateur artist can never achieve the perfection a professional artist can and might use excessive makeup to cover up flaws. But a professional artist knows how to use the minimum amount product yet camouflage your flaws with a better understanding.

7. Grace and Glamour makes sure to use the best quality of makeup products. Using cheap products can damage your skin.

8. When it comes to bridal makeup budget most artists ask for a huge amount of money. Considering them as professionals we agree to pay such amount as most of the time we do not know what it might cost. But in Grace and Glamour only asks for a reasonable amount of money which will satisfy your budget.

9. The most important aspect to look after during a wedding is your skin. It is important to treat your skin perfectly and maintain hygiene otherwise your skin might lose its charm. Makeup can hide your flaws but to achieve a flawless skin simple makeup won’t work. Grace and Glamour also helps you to achieve that perfect skin with their high quality facial treatment and helps to give you a flawless skin.

10. The professionals at Grace and Glamour are always there to satisfy your needs during your weddings. If you are not satisfied with their professional treatment they will re-do the makeup and keep on renewing it until you are satisfied and achieved your desired look.