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Sculpt Your Lips for the Perfect Pout

26 Sep 2016

Being bold and beautiful has always won the world. Getting that perfect pout is like every girl’s dream these days. Trying some of the trendiest lip colours can actually give your personality a whole new avatar. Matte lipsticks are the hottest picks of the town. However, even after buying the matte lipsticks people often complain about the nature of matte colour which differs in reality. But, you need not worry as we have an excellent solution for those perfect matte pouts.

Line: Bold lip stains are conquering the fashion industry and you can get the same at home with these simple hacks. Start with a vibrant lip crayon and start lining your lip from the Cupid’s bow to the top of the top in both. You can even use a lip liner if you are looking for extra boldness. Make sure you choose a shade that suits your lipstick.

Blend: Get yourself a nice lip brush and blend the liner slowly onto your lips. Do this step in a single direction in order to avoid patches.

Fill: Once you finish blending it is time to fill the lips with the crayon. Use back and forth strokes and cover the lips starting from the upper to the lower.

Blot: Blotting is an important step and you can fold a tissue and blot the colour into the tissue. You will notice the colour smeared on the tissue giving you a non glossy finish. You can even dab powder o your lips in the beginning and avoid this step.

To finish it off add another layer of the liner to get a perfect touch of boldness and be pout ready!

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