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Services at Grace and Glamour Makeup parlour in Gurgaon

14 Dec 2014

Beauty is something to mean a lot more than shining skin or a white complexion. Your unmatched elegance in carrying your personality makes you beautiful and not the heavy makeup that flaunts your features. At Grace and Glamour, known makeup parlour in Gurgaon run by Priya Kalra – a renowned cosmetologist and professional makeup artist provides all the services that you can take to pamper yourself from top to toe, be it a relaxing head spa, skin care, hair treatment or a tranquil pedicure treatment.

What does Grace and Glamour offer?
In addition to the standard beauty treatment services such as hair removal (waxing & threading), cleansing, facials, pedicures and manicures, Priya Kalra also provides some of the most unique makeup at this makeup parlour in Gurgaon. These include:

Silicon makeup
The makeup artists in this parlour select just the right foundation type to provide an unblemished complexion for any occasion.

Airbrush makeup
With an experience of over 16 years in the industry and having worked with the most renowned celebrities, models and video shoots, Priya Kalra specializes in the airbrush makeup that provides a natural and even look besides highlighting the natural features.

Bridal makeup
You can make your D’day even more special by getting attractive wedding packages at this makeup parlour in Gurgaon. These packages also include unique pre and post bridal beauty services.

Engagement makeup
Priya Kalra provides, under her personal supervision at her parlour in Gurgaon, distinguished engagement makeup that provides a natural glow to the skin. Moreover, the time (morning/evening) and background/venue of the event is also kept in consideration while applying makeup.