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Skin Care at Grace and Glamour

05 Jun 2015

Your skin requires a lot of care, moisturizing and nourishing on a daily basis so that you continue to look radiant and beautiful every day. While one can always do the routine washing and rinsing of skin on a regular basis, in order to acquire truly replenished and gorgeous skin and skin tone, one can always visit a reputed beauty salon such as Gurgaon based Grace and Glamour. Read on to find out more about expert and professional skin care treatments and services offered by the salon.

Reduction of Pigmentation: The salon uses high-quality products and advanced techniques to help clients deal with damaged skin and pigmentation problems. Their skin care professionals are expert at offering pigmentation treatment that can further help you get rid of age spots, dark spots and tanning issues. They will use effective methods and products to lighten your skin and get rid of wrinkles and pigmentation, thereby refining the structure of the skin and leaving you with an even and clear skin tone. 

De-tanning treatment: At Grace and Glamour a lot of emphasis is given towards offering expert de-tanning treatment that will leave your skin soft, supple and glowing later. Apart from offering priming, their skin care experts also offer appropriate massage treatments to remove the damaging effects caused by the sun. Their professional skin care experts can help you acquire fresh, even and fair complexioned skin tone in no time.  

Skin Clean Up: This service is ideal for people who wish to get rid of dust, dirt and impurities from their skin on a regular basis. Depending upon your skin type and texture, the salon will provide you with skin clean up and detox services eventually providing you with soft and smooth skin.  Their skin clean up service is designed to help you acquire rejuvenated and clean skin.  

Facial Masks: The salon has tailored a variety of facial masks for clients with different types of skin. Their facial masks will provide you with smooth, clean and perfectly glowing skin. As part of offering the facial masks, their skin care professionals will first clean and scrub your skin gently and then use appropriate products and masks to ensure that you get a glamorous and even looking skin tone at the end of the day. In fact, their highly innovative facial masks can also help you get rid of various skin related problems such as acne, age spots, dark circles and pigmentation among others.

Premium Quality Facials: The salon offers a wide range of premium quality facials for men and women of all age groups. Their skin care professionals offer a number of facials that dehydrate, replenish, rebalance and treat your skin effectively. In fact, their services can also help you do away with pimples and damaged skin problems easily. Right from cleaning to moisturizing and scrubbing your skin, the salon is capable of offering multiple facials that will leave your skin pampered and well nourished.

To conclude, if you are looking to get rid of wrinkles, dark spots, ageing effects, pimples, damaged, dull skin and other types of skin problems then make sure you seek the expert guidance and services of Gurgaon based unisex salon Grace and Glamour. Their team of professional, experienced and hardworking skin care professionals will offer highly professional and expert skin care services at competitive rates.