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Stunning Bridal Eye Makeup at Grace and Glamour

18 Jun 2015

Almost every bride wants to flaunt her looks and attire on her wedding day. While, some brides want their eye makeup to complement their attire, others prefer to keep it stylish and glittering and don’t bother much about color combination. So, if your wedding day is round the corner then don’t hesitate to consult the makeup specialists at leading beauty salons like Grace and Glamour. You can always approach a makeup specialist at your choice of beauty salon and acquire more information regarding pre-bridal eye makeup services. This will provide you with a fair understanding of how you will actually look like on your final day. Here, find how the Gurgaon based salon can help you acquire the much-desired stunning bridal eye makeup for your wedding day.  

1. Eyeliner Application: Eye makeup is vital to your overall looks. Therefore, your make up expert will first focus on applying eye liner and later use multiple shades to give your eyes an attractive look. Depending upon your attire and skin tone, the makeup professional at the salon will select one of the many eyeliner shades including mahogany, navy, black or charcoal and use the same on your eyes. They will also ensure that the eye liner does not smudge and is applied very close to your eyelashes. Also, in order to make your eyes appear bigger, the makeup expert at the salon will first use the eye pencil and then apply the liner over it.

2. Using Mascara: The makeup experts at Grace and Glamour pay special heed towards applying mascara gently on your eye lashes so that it does not smudge and further enhances the appearance of your eyes. This makes your eyes appear bigger and bold. Right from applying the mascara close to the roots of your eye lashes to making them appear longer and using an eyelash curler, they will work on your eyelashes to provide you with an impressive and glamorous look.

3. Eye Shadow Magic: The makeup specialists at the salon are adept at revamping your entire looks when it comes to applying eye shadow. Starting with contouring your eyes to using appropriate brushes for applying eye shadow, they will follow each and every step carefully. The makeup specialist at the salon will also use colors that match your attire and overall look. They will apply base color on your eyes and then use lid color and highlighter to complete the look. The salon professionals also understand the importance of using eye shadows in accordance with the complexion of their customers. Therefore, they will avoid colors that do not get along with your skin tone.

4. Other Factors: Apart from using the above techniques for eye makeup, there are several other factors that are also important for providing an appropriate and desired bridal look. The makeup professional at the salon will get rid of the build up on the crease of your eyes to ensure it does not smudge and spoil your entire look. Even the numerous brushes and applicators that they use are of the highest quality and make, which further allows them to apply makeup evenly and comfortably on your eyes. Additionally, they will also ensure that your eyebrows are well-maintained and in proper shape.

In a nutshell, if you want to look stunningly beautiful on your wedding day, then head for Grace and Glamour and acquire enigmatic bridal eye makeup services at competitive prices.