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Summer Care for the Skin

03 Apr 2017

With summer around the corner, you need to walk an extra mile when it comes to skin care. Generally, your body tends to lose more energy and water during the dry summer. The scorching heat extracts all the nutrients from your body leaving it empty and hollow. Your skin will lack moisture and will have a tiredness hanging all around the time.

There are few things that you must do when you make your body ready for the summer. Drink water and consume fresh fruits to keep yourself hydrated.

Avoid the oily, fried and extra carbs from your diet. They will increase the oil production and clog the pores on your skin.

Carry your sunscreen wherever you travel. If you have an oily skin then make sure you dab some powder or compact before stepping out.

You should incorporate spa sessions in your schedule in order to relieve your body from the extreme dryness. The unisex spa in Gurgaon is all you need to beat the harsh, sultry weather. Generally, summers in Gurgaon are really dry and it causes extreme dehydration and causes a lot of damage to the skin.

Take out fresh slices of cucumber from the fridge and grind them into a paste. Put some aloe vera in it and keep in refrigerated for some time. Take the mixture out and apply all over the sun burnt areas. This will cool down the affected areas and will help them eventually.

If you fail to take care of yourself and seek professional care, the unisex spa in Gurgaon is your one stop destination.