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The Hottest Trends in Makeup

15 Oct 2016

Are you ready to experiment with some of the hottest trends in makeup?  Gear up to embrace some of the trendiest makeup buzz that is sweeping off the fashion industry with a blow.

Flower Crowns
Bored with the same look everyday and waiting to make a rocking entrance to the party. Then try the flower crowns which won’t wilt like the natural ones and will accentuate your look for every occasion. Splurge in some of the best flower crowns available online or offline and hit the beach in style.

Glitter Tears
Crying has got a whole new makeover so; make your move with the glitter tears. It’s simple and easy. All you need is a nice glitter of any colour. You can pick choose from MAC and a nice serum. Simply apply the serum in your under eye lids and beneath it and dap the sparkle on top of it. Sparkle your tears and let the world face your boldness.

Go bold with the cobalt liner and create an electric effect. Apply some bold eyeliner on your upper eye lid and dab it to create a smoky effect. This will accentuate your eyes and add a shimmery touch.

Dutch Braids
Leave your untamed or style it up in greasy Dutch braids and be runway ready. These braids are super easy to make and really stylish. Go out camping or a day under the sun will do no wrong with these braids.

Beauty trends keep changing from time to time and if you the experimental type then embrace the bold looks from the fashion industry and rock your move in every step.

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