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The Importance Of Good Strokes By The Best Makeup Artists

08 Apr 2015

Makeup is all about enhancing facial features to get a perfect glamorous perfect look. Women invest a large amount of money in makeup. Whether they do their makeup themselves or they visit a parlour, makeup needs the right strokes and blending in order to achieve the desired result. The importance of good strokes by the best makeup artist is important – Priya Kalra, the best makeup artist in Gurgaon with her expert strokes provides with great results.

The Foundation Blends: Makeup artists understand the skin and its needs the best. Understanding the shades that suit your skin and the right way to blend in the colours is a tough job that cannot be perfected by anyone, but an experienced makeup artist. Priya Kalra is an expert makeup artist who knows how to blend in the foundation right, making sure to conceal the blemishes and skin imperfections under the right shade of foundation. Every skin is different, and there are plenty of foundations available according to the skin type. Analyzing the skin type before application of foundation is important. The right blend of concealer and foundation takes care of the blemishes on the face.

Contouring The Face: Keeping up with the trends is important for a makeup expert. Contouring is the latest in the makeup world, made popular by Kim Kardashian. The importance of contouring the face is to provide angles to the face. Everyone wants to change some angle or the other of their face, and contouring helps in achieving just that. Priya Kalra believes in keeping up with the trends and provides finesse with proper brush strokes, highlighting the face in all the right places giving you the perfect look.

Intensify The Eyes: The perfect eye makeup is important to match your face. Intense eyes are the need of the current fashion trends, and with so many brushes for the different parts of your eye lids, you need to know which brush can create a certain effect in which part of the eyelid. A makeup expert would know which brush to use for what area like the back of her hand. Blending in all the colours are very important, be it a cat eye look, or Smokey eyes. She provides her clients with the intense eyes with her perfect strokes and blending.

Colouring The Pout: For people with thinner lips, to have a pout you need to give your lips perfect definition. Most people prefer pouty lips, and a makeup expert knows how to line your lips perfectly in order to attain the perfect pout. The right shade of lipstick is all you need to make sure that your pout is more than perfect. Posing for pictures with a pout would be easier with great lips.

The Final Result: The final result would be as expected. You would be a head turner, with perfect makeup. With intense eyes and perfect face, you would definitely catch everyone’s’ eyes.  As an expert in makeup and beauty, Priya Kalra believes in providing the best to her clients, not only through her brush strokes, but also with great makeup tips and beauty advice. Next time you need to get ready and are looking for professional makeup expert, visit Grace and Glamour make up and beauty salon in Gurgaon. The transformation to a head turner is possible with the expert strokes of Priya Kalra.