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Tips for Face Clean at Home

14 Oct 2015

Cleanliness is considered to be one of the important factors of livingness. A perfect skin needs regular cleaning from every angle. But it is not possible to go for a beauty parlor clean up every day. So to get a salon like clean up Grace and Glamour presents you some easy tips.

Check out some of the easy tips best for your skin:

  1. Cleaning your face with a right kind of cleanser that will suit best for your skin. You can use any cleanser as per your skin. But checking the skin type is very necessary.
  2. Enjoy some steam for 5 to 6 minutes which will open all the pores of your face. If you want you can skip this step and directly go to the next one.
  3. Then gently exfoliate your facial skin which will clear out the dead skin. Use a scrub that is having gentle beads otherwise it can give scratches to your skin.
  4. After this, prepares a facial mask which is necessary and cover your face thoroughly.
  5. Use toner that is perfect for your skin which will cover your pore perfectly.
  6. Cover your face with a moisturizer so that extra dust and aerosols does not irritate your skin.
This clean up will be adding glow to your skin and also making it healthy for future. Grace and Glamour best makeup studio in Gurgaon offer you a perfect clean up with a ravishing look this Diwali and forever.

Stay Beautiful