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Tips on Doing Your Hair in a Makeup Parlour in Gurgaon

14 Mar 2017

The hair on an Indian woman’s head is her crowning glory and many lose a lot of it worrying about it in the first place as age begins to take its toll on the body. But there are lots of reputable makeup parlour in Gurgaon that will put an end to your worries. It’s just a matter of finding a good stylist who is flexible to your needs and is also knowledgeable about the subject of hairdressing.

Some things to do after getting an Appointment
Firstly, in a makeup parlour in Gurgaon, make sure that the hairdresser gets a touch and feel of the texture and thickness of your hair before snipping. Frankly express your anxieties and problems, because it’s not a state secret anyway. In this way, you’ll build a rapport with the stylist who will also give her opinion pretty frankly on what kind of hair treatment and cut would suit you. If you have allergies to colours and chemicals, it is imperative to tell the hairdresser before the session commences.

Type of Haircut
You are the choice maker here as it’s your head on the line. Do take suggestions from the hairdresser, but not so far as the fact that you end you looking like her sister. Generally Indian women like to wear their hair long and keep the sheen on. With this basic principle in mind, you can opt for numerous permutations and combinations and end up looking as pretty as a picture.