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Tips to Avoid Tanning of Skin during summer

23 May 2016

It can prove to be a very challenging task to care for skin during the harsh summer months; the sun can ruin skin to a great extent. In order to prevent this damage one needs to follow a healthy skin routine followed by regular facials at least once in a month to keep skin feeling lively and appearing bright. In Gurgaon, one should only avail services of professionals since; they offer right care for all types of skin.

The first step is to keep skin clean thus; the routine should begin with thorough cleansing. Summer’s air is more humid than winter which is why flaky, dry skin is not an issue during summer. However, as there is a change in seasons, skin also changes from dry to oily, and should be cleaned with soaps which are mild and less alkaline. One should not rely on abrasive cleaners and only mild exfoliating agents should be used to keep pores clean and free from proteins present in perspiration.

The next step is to moisturize skin and most individuals shift from heavy moisturizers to lighter ones. These moisturizers should be used immediately after shower to ensure presence of water molecules. When skin is moisturized and maintained properly, undergoing a facial further enhances the beauty and glow of one’s skin.

The last step is to protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays, which can be done by covering up all parts where skin is exposed when going out in strong sun and also applying sunscreen depending on the skin type and intensity of sun. Rely on professionals of Grace and Glamour, the best makeup and beauty parlour in Gurgaon, to nourish your skin and keep it healthy this summer.